The Sandstone Specialties

There are five specialties of Kakadu; Banded Fruit-dove, White-lined Honeyeater, Sandstone Shrike-Thrush, Chestnut Quilled Rock Pigeon and White-Throated Grasswren.

I was hoping to get all 5, but unfortunatley the White-Throated Grasswren escaped me, despite a 4 hour search leading up to dusk, and a 4 hour search at dawn the next morning.

I got my first specialty at Nouralangie. Heading up to one of the rock art sites, one of the doves flew above me, and through a gap in the sandstone. A good enough veiw to tick it, but i wanted to get a better look and photo. I continued along the path, and luckily one flew into a tree.

I saw another one further down the track - possibly the same bird.

The second speciality turned up at Plum Tree Creek, during my search for the White Throated Grasswren.

On my way towards the sandstone outcrop, three Chestnut quilled rock pigeons flew passed me. One landed on the rocks ahead of me.

Also in a gorge near plum tree creek i spotted a White Lined Honeyeater.

Despite a long search around plum tree creek, i found no White throated grasswrens, though it was excellent habitat for them. So i took my search to Gunlom. Again i had no luck on the grasswren, but did get number 4 - Sandstone Shrike Thrush.

Another sandstone specialty is the Helmeted Friarbird (sandstone subspecies). I'm not sure of the identification of this bird, but i think that this is a photo of one.

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