Plum Tree Creek to Gunlom

On the way down to Gunlom it was planned to stop off at Plum Tree Creek.
There were lots of birds around the creek itself.

Bar Breasted Honeyeaters searched the flowering trees

Along with Brown Honeyeaters.

And Dusky Honeyeaters.

A male Leaden Flycatcher was a nice suprise.

Fossicking in on the edge of the sandy creek bank, were a few Double Barred Finches.

During the search for the grasswrens around the sandstone outcrop, the small squeaking noises that got me thinking grasswrens, turned out to be Variegated Fairywrens.

A stunning male sat up to see who had entered their territory.

The female wasn't far away, but much less conspicuos.

On the way down to Gumlom, i heard lorikeets as we crossed over a creek further along the road.
About 30 lorikeets fed in the flowering trees! A species i thought i might miss.

The campsite at Gumlom had what seemed to be resident Black Kites, ready to pounce on any scraps left by campers.

Great Bowerbirds where also residents at the campsite.

Along with dingos in the campsite at night, barking owls could be heard calling, one night, just before dusk.
Gunlom is an amazing spot!. I couldn't think of a nicer location to search for the illusive White Throated grasswren.
The rockpools above the waterfall are a nice place to cool off after hours of searching the sandstone outcrops for grasswren in the heat.

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