Cooinda - Yellow Waters Cruise - continued

Also on the river banks were Radjah Shelducks.

Also, thousands and thousands of Whistling Ducks, mainly Wandering Whistling Ducks, but also some Plumed Whistling Ducks.

The thousands of whistling ducks often took to the skies as the White bellied sea eagles, patrolled the skies.

Not too many cormorants to speak of(no doubt there are plenty around), but both Male and Female Darter's made an appearance.

Flycatchers fluttered amongst the mangroves, with Shining and Broad-Billed Flycatchers being the highlights.

The Broad-Billed Flycatchers are quiet distinct from the Leaden Flycatchers.

On a couple of occassion the small nests of Crimson Finches were pointed out to us in the pandanas. On one occassion one arrived to tend the nest.

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