Cooinda - Yellow Waters Cruise

Normally I steer clear of tours, but reading through various trip reports and going on peoples suggestions, i was convinced that the Yellow Water Cruise at Cooinda would be worthwhile - and i wasn't dissappointed.

I went on the dawn cruise - which in hindsight may not have been the best choice for photography due to the poor lighting - but going at any other time of the day i may not have seen the things that amazed me so much.

The cruise started with a white-bellied sea eagle sitting only metres above the water, surveying the area, and staying near its nest which was close by.

Whistling Kites soared above, also attending their nests. It was quite a site to see one fly back to its nest with a branch in beak.

Egrets and Herons lined the shallows searching for fish.

Nankeen night Herons watching over the wetlands from above, flying to the best vantage point. A real highlight to see the heavily striated juvenile birds fossicking in the mangrove lined riverbank.

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