Some shorebirds migrate to Australia during the southern hemisphere's summer.(e.g. The Sandpiper Family and some plovers.) While others are Australian residents. And some species are even unique (endemic) to Australia, like the Banded Stilt. An odd inclusion into the shorebird family (and a recent reclassification) is the Plains Wanderer, which prefers grasslands, rather than swamps or coastal areas, and is more similar to a quail in behavior and appearance. Its habitat preference is not unique however, with birds like Oriental Plovers, pratincoles and Little Curlews, all spending time around inland grasslands throughout Australia.
Australia occassionally recieves a number of vagrant shorebird species, but these have not been listed on this page.
For more shorebird images, go to the "Oz Twitcher" section.

Sandpipers - Family Scolopacidae

  • Red Necked Phalarope

  • Ruddy Turnstone

  • Red Necked Stint

  • Long Toed Stint

  • Little Stint

  • Sanderling

  • Red Knot

  • Great Knot

  • Sharp Tailed Sandpiper

  • Curlew Sandpiper

  • Pectoral Sandpiper

  • Wood Sandpiper

  • Common Sandpiper

  • Marsh Sandpiper

  • Terek Sandpiper

  • Broad Billed Sandpiper

  • Greenshank

  • Grey Tailed Tattler

  • Wandering Tattler

  • Swinhoes Snipe

  • Bar Tailed Godwit

  • Black Tailed Godwit
  • Asian Dowitcher

  • Little Curlew

  • Whimbrel

  • Eastern Curlew

  • Lathams Snipe

  • Ruff

  • Plovers - Family Charadriidae

  • Pacific Golden Plover

  • Grey Plover

  • Lesser Sandplover

  • Greater Sandplover

  • Red Capped Plover

  • Double Banded Plover

  • Oriental Plover

  • Little Ringed Plover

  • Hooded Plover

  • Black Fronted Dotterel

  • Red Kneed Dotterel

  • Banded Lapwing

  • Masked Lapwing

  • Inland Dotterel